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Just a short announcement.....

I am adding a few new menus to the sidebar of my pages. The first menu is a list of recommended websites, starting with the personal blog site of my longtime friend Frank Groth.

The second menu is a list of recommended books that I have paid for, which I've either already read, or are currently on my stack of books to be read. If the as yet unread books turn out to be dogs upon being read, I will remove them from the menu.

The third menu is a list of the Patreon content providers I follow. They are all paid memberships. In some cases, some of their content is available on YouTube, and can be found by searching for their channels by the same name. I could list their free YouTube channels, but I want to encourage people to pay for these providers' content, so that they can keep providing it. In at least one case, the revenues earned by the Patreon channel provides 100% of the income that supports its creators. It's their full-time "job". Also, when these Patreon content creators post their content to Patreon, they may not release that content to public viewing on YouTube for weeks or months afterward. In many cases, the subject matter is time sensitive and loses some of its value later on.


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